Model Escorts – Mumbai

Model Escorts Mumbai are highly on demand. Thus, we have started a unit to provide model escort in Mumbai. There are three types of models are present in erotic service industry. First, one is entry-level model, second class is established models, and top class is celebrity escorts. GirlF is dealing in first two categories. If you want to hire celebrity model escorts, feel free to contact Leather Currency and XMoon.

Model Escorts Mumbai
Model Escorts Mumbai

Benefits behind hiring model escorts in Mumbai

In model escort category, all the girls are by default beautiful and sexy. As these girls are the part of glamour industry, thus, they will have to maintain their body. In addition, girls with beautiful and photogenic faces can enter the modeling industry. Thus, in model escorts segment, you can find the better choices for you.

In addition, model escorts are educated, and familiar with the high-society culture. Thus, they can manage to enter any four or 5-star hotel easily. Moreover, in public, nobody can judge them as prostitute. Thus, it will be easy for you to meet them in public, or enter the hotel lobby.

Model Escorts Mumbai – Rates

Rates for the model escort in Mumbai is depend on various factors. If the model is new, or just enter into the industry, then her expectations are low. On the other end, if the girl is famous, or well known, then she will demand more.

Moreover, the price ranges for the model escorts are starting from Indian rupees 25 to 30 thousand, and go up to Rs. 2 Lakh.

Procedure to Hire Model Escort in Mumbai

For model escort booking in Mumbai, first you will need to set your budget. If it is below 30 thousand, you can contact us to get the pics of the models available for Mumbai escorts services. And if your budget is higher than that and want to hire some exclusive profiles like celebrity escorts in Mumbai, then you will need to contact Leather Currency, and XMoon.